Justupload Rewards

Features :

Minimum payout is 10$

Incomplete downloads are also counted but user has to pass the CAPTCHA

We also count Embed/Streaming video views (Video should be streamed atlest 10% of its total length)

Adult contents are allowed!

You can upload via Browser, Direct URL, Torrent & FTP

You can enable or disable video convertion/encoding

Payments are made via Paypal, Skrill & Bitcoin (More options will be added soon)

We process payments daily including weekends

Pay Per Download/Pay Per View (PPD/PPV) Rates per 10,000 Downloads

Tier A


Tier B


Tier C


Tier D

All other countries


Pay Per Sale (PPS) Rates per sale

You will get 60% on the purchased premium accounts + 60% on its rebills.

Mix offer

You will get 50% on downloads + 30% on the purchased premium accounts + 30% on its rebills.

Rules :

Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed. If we notice any fraudulent activity we have the rights to ban the account

Child Porn is not allowed and will result in termination of your account without pay.

Files size should be 5MB+ to get rewarded.

Downloads generated by visitors with an ad blocker are not credited.

Downloads/Streams are counted up to 3 times every 24 hours per IP.

For anonymus users files will be deleted after 7 days & for registered users files will be deleted after 60 days if the file is inactive.